Stanford Area Trails

Background documents

A collection of documents related to Stanford-area trails.

Briefing Paper

Our short summary of the issues, from early 2001.

The Great Trail Plan Sellout

A one page summary.

Stanford's letters of August 31, 2001, and County staff replies

Stanford's first formal proposal to Santa Clara County on trail alignments, along with our comments.

Stanford's letters of October 16, 2001

Stanford's second round of proposals. Not much different from the August 31 version, except for some minor realignments of the south end of trail S-1. Comments on these are being drafted. For now, the actual letters and maps, scanned in, are available.

The Paper Trail

A chronology of public documents regarding trails in the Stanford area.

Speeches from meetings

Official actions by our elected officials, as audio recordings. Dull, but important.


Related web sites

Santa Clara County Planning

Home of the official documents on this matter.

Santa Clara County Department of Parks and Recreation

Announcements of official trail-related meetings are posted here.

Stanford's General Use Permit site

Stanford's own positions. Being actively updated during the trail negotiations.

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