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October 16, 2001

Paul D. Romero, Director
Environmental Resources Agency
County Parks and Recreation Department
298 Garden Hill Drive
Los Gatos, California 95032-7669

Dear Mr. Romero,

On September 19, 2001, Mark Frederick, the Parks and Recreation Department Manager of Planning and Development wrote a letter in response to Stanford's proposal for implementing the trail requirement of the 2000 Stanford General Use Permit (GUP). Mr. Frederick made a number of recommendations for further study and clarification in order for the proposal to be considered complete. Although some of these cannot be fully explored in time to meet the County's October 15 target for re-submittal of the trails proposal, our staff and consultants will continue to pursue those matters in order to provide the clarification the County seeks.

Each of these items will be specifically addressed in a separate letter to Mr. Frederick. We do feel, however, that it will be useful for us to articulate our basic position on the trails requirement. Stanford's proposal for meeting the GUP trail requirement remains what was put forth on August 31, 2001.

Our staff will provide documentation that the proposed S-l (Matadero) route can be built and operated to meet Uniform InterJurisdictional Trail Design, Use and Management Guidelines. (See Attachment #1). Alternatively, if the County feels that the proposed routes cannot be accepted without agreements for extension from adjoining jurisdictions, Stanford will propose an alignment on Stanford Land that specifically conforms to that shown in the Community Plan and County Wide Trails Master Plan. (See attachement #2)

Santa Clara County and San Mateo County have deemed the C-1 (San Francisquito) route complete in their respective trails master plans. Stanford believes that its proposed alignment follows this route and is therefore consistent with the Community Plan and County Wide Trails Master Plan. Further, we believe that plan policies for protection of existing agricultural use and environmental resources support continue use of this route. Stanford has proposed measures to improve the C-1 route and has reached tentative agreement with Menlo Park for implementing improvements and management of the Sand Hill Road segment of C- I in Menlo Park. Stanford will continue to work with the agencies to develop an appropriate improvement and maintenance program for the remaining segments of the C- I route within the existing alignment in San Mateo County.

We look forward to continued cooperation and successful completion of a trails agreement with the County.


Robert C. Reidy

Vice Provost for Land & Buildings

Anne Draper, Director, County Planning Office

Larry Horton, SU Director of Government &Community Relations
David Neuman, University Architect / Assoc. Vice Provost for Planning
Lizanne Reynolds, Deputy County Counsel
Debra Zumwalt, SU General Counsel