Stanford Area Trails

Views of trail C-1, Segment 3

From Pasteur Dr to Searsville Path

Segment summary: multiple trails and routes in area, but poor connections and gaps.

Pictures are in order, moving south.

Recreational route along San Francisquito Creek, south of the bike bridge to Menlo Park. This is a Santa Clara Valley Water District service road.

Looking south, with the creek on the right.

A bit further south, the creek bed is visible on the right. Open space of the Stanford West project is on the left. Looking south.

Note the full range of trail users on this popular trail.

A bit further south along the creek.

Family use of this trail is extensive.

End of the trail. Ahead is the parking lot of Oak Creek Apartments.

A possible connection from the recreational route above. Looking east towards Pasteur at Sand Hill from same point as above picture.

This is a buffer strip between Oak Creek Apartments and Stanford West. Local kids have built stunt bike ramps. Stanford West construction fence at left.


Sidewalk along west side of Sand Hill Road.

Looking north on Sand Hill near Stock Farm, towards Pasteur Drive.


Possible alternate to sidewalk route above Area shown is space between two rows of buffer trees adjoining Sand Hill between Pasteur and Stock Farm.

Looking south.

Right side of Sand Hill in the same area as the above. Sidewalk was not built out due to Indian artifacts found in area. Alternate route to right, between rows of buffer trees, could be used for a trail. Area at right is open space of Stanford campus.

Beginning of the Searsville Path, entering the Stanford campus. Looking east from Sand Hill Road.

Route through Stanford campus would enter here.

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