Stanford Area Trails

Views of trail C-1, Segment 4

From Searsville Path to Junipero Serra

Segment summary: route exists across Stanford campus

Pictures are in order, moving south.

Beginning of the Searsville Path, entering the Stanford campus. Looking east from Sand Hill Road.

Route through Stanford campus would enter here.

Searsville Path. A scenic route since Leland Stanford's day. Paved and unpaved tread side by side. Popular recreation route, used by runners, walkers, horses, and bicycles.

Recently rerouted to bypass archeological dig ahead. Large dirt dump site at left.

Looking west.

Searsville Road approaching Campus Drive intersection.

Horse pasture at right. Parking at left.

Looking east.

Paved trail on Stanford campus along Campus Drive near Electioneer.

Campus Drive on right. Looking south.

The Stanford Red Barn, a working horse barn since Leland Stanford's day.

From Campus Drive at Electioneer, looking southeast.

End of Campus Drive path at driving range.

Looking south towards Junipero Serra at Campus Drive.

A tight spot.

Despite the gap in the trail, use of this section is heavy.

Looking south towards Junipero Serra at Campus Drive

Other side of the street from the tight spot above.

Possible alternate route. Buffer area between golf course and Campus Drive.

Campus Drive at left, Junipero Serra ahead.

Looking south across Junipero Serra at Campus. Note existing traffic light with ped signals.

The existing crosswalk at Junipero Serra is part of the golf course route of play.

Looking west on Junipero Serra at Campus Drive.

Route proposed by Stanford, along Sand Hill Road through Menlo Park.

Sand Hill at Searsville Path traffic light. Looking north. Sand Hill Road construction at right.

Route along Sand Hill would traverse this section.

Route through campus would avoid it.

The Sand Hill Road bridge over San Francisquito Creek. Looking north.

A major local bottleneck. No bike lanes on bridge, although a popular bike route. May be widened as part of Sand Hill Project, but City of Menlo Park has decided not to add traffic lanes.

Route through campus would avoid this bridge.

Narrow section along Sand Hill, south of the creek in Menlo Park. Stanford Golf Course boundary fence at left. Looking south.

Route through campus would avoid this spot.

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