Stanford Area Trails

Views of trail C-1, Segment 6

From end of Vista Drive at golf course to Piers Lane near Alpine Road

Segment summary: rural trail across open space

Pictures are in order, moving south.

Aerial view of trail segment. Possible route shown in red. Dirt trail existed along this route as of mid-2000. Closed to public access in September 2000.

Creek in woods near center. Residential area in center left. Alpine Road at left. Junipero Serra / Campus at top.

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Dirt service road adjacent to former trail.

Looking south. Golf course on right.

Ground pictures for middle part of this segment unavailable at this time due to Stanford access restrictions.  

Looking north from Piers Lane area. Former pasture, now disued. Possible trail route.

Approximately 300' north of Stanford security gate, outside perimeter fence.

Approximately 100' north of security gate.
Yard of agricultural lessee. Looking west from same location as above. Creek in background.
Stanford security gate and guard station. Limited public use permitted beyond this point. Area beyond fence is used for horse grazing.
Believed to be residence of agricultural lessee. About 50' north of security gate, outside perimeter fence. Creek is to left.
Looking south from same location as above.
Bridge across Los Trancos Creek. Trail to I-280 at left, past Stanford perimeter fence.

Beginning of short segment of existing off-road public trail. About 300' west of security gate. Piers Road to rear.

Stanford perimeter fence at left.

Looking south.

Piers Lane bridge across San Francisquito Creek. Alpine Road in background. Equestrian access from Portola Valley Training Center.

Looking west.

(More pictures of this segment will be added shortly.)

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