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Comments on the trail plan

We've received many comments to date on the details of the plan. We will be updating this page as more comments come in. Comments should be sent to

A representative of Palo Alto's planning department pointed out that the routing we suggest into the Arastradero Preserve runs through dense poison oak just south of I-280, and suggests that a routing southwest along an existing road to the northwest side of the Preserve would be better. This would put part of the trail in unincorporated Santa Clara County, instead of just Palo Alto. It's a better routing, but more complex politically.
A Menlo Park City Council member has indicated that the Sand Hill Road bridge over San Francisquito Creek between Palo Alto and Menlo Park is scheduled for seismic improvements, and it may be possible to put a trail bridge alongside when that work is done. Funding for this may be available as part of the Sand Hill Project commitments. Good news. Needs followup.
A member of the Santa Clara County planning staff has indicated that the county does intend to insist on the dedication of County Trails S-1 and C-1 over Stanford land as part of the permitting process. However, the other trails in the "Dish" area are not currently included in that requirement.

Some good, some bad. A commitment to permanent open space is crucial, but the County Trail Plan isn't the vehicle for obtaining it. See SOS-alliance.

Parking on Stanford Avenue near Junipero Serra for trail users remains a problem, and is a major issue with some College Terrace residents. More work is needed on staging areas. For now, we suggest using the Piers Road gate (off Alpine near I-280), where there's usually parking at the Webb Ranch fruit stand. (Good deals on late-summer corn in late September.)
The City of Palo Alto is working on a new trail plan for the Arastadero Preserve. Amphion Environmental and Thomas Reed & Associates have been hired as consultants on this. Our proposal for the Matadero Creek trail has it connecting to the Arastadero Preserve, and this is compatible with Palo Alto's plans.
The City of Palo Alto is working to get a trail through from the Baylands Preserve to Skyline. The trail routing reaches Junipero Serra via Stanford Avenue. Routing beyond that point is unclear at this time. Consider routing the Matadero Creek trail further west to come out at Stanford Avenue, instead of dead-ending in the industrial park.
Routing a trail through the Stanford Golf Course would heavily impact the golf course. There's a very narrow section of golf course between the end of Rural Lane and the undeveloped land in the center of the course west of the Dish, and fitting in a trail would be tough. Routing further east, around the golf course, may be better. Options include from Sand Hill north of the creek to Stock Farm, to Campus Drive, to Golf Course Drive, along the edge of the golf course, to the Dish loop, to Piers Road and back to Alpine. An additional spur along Junipero Serra between Campus Drive and Alpine Road would be required to connect to the Alpine Road trail in San Mateo County.
The latest draft of the Community Plan , under Implementation Tasks, calls for one trail to be built in 2002, and the second trail before Stanford builds 1,000,000 square feet of development.. Try to get a more accelerated schedule through the County.
The San Mateo County Trail Advisory Committe is working on trails for Alpine Road and Sand Hill Road, both to terminate at Junipero Serra. Increases importance of links along Junipero Serra between Alpine and Campus, and along Sand Hill from Junipero Serra to Palo Alto.


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