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Horse Facilities in the Los Trancos / San Francisquito Creek Corridor

The Los Trancos / San Fransquito Creek Corridor has more horses than any other part of the Peninsula with the possible exception of Woodside. Most of these horses live at seven large equestrian facilities; others are stabled in small facilities on private property in Portola Valley. The total horse population in the Corridor is over 700 at the major facilities alone.

Where are all those animals? Here, together for the first time, are aerial photographs of the major horse facilities in the Corridor. The substantial scale of these operations shows in these photographs.

The optimal route for trail C-1, route C1-B, would connect these facilities.

Portola Pastures
Off Arastadero Road, in Palo Alto

Direct access to the Arastadero Preserve, which has been used extensively by horses for two decades.

On DeAnza trail, with connections to trail C1-B and S1 (via Arastadero Preserve).

Construction of C1-B should fix a long-standing trail gap along Arastadero Road at the San Francisquito Creek Bridge in unincorporated Santa Clara County.

Portola Pastures aerial photo

Piers Ranch
Just east of Alpine Road, south of I-280

Over 100 horses. There is more to this large facility than shown here.

Direct access to trail route C1-B

Piers Ranch aerial photo

Creekside Stables
Just east of Alpine Road near Arastadero

Direct access to trail route C1-B

Creekside Stables aerial photo

Stanford Equestrian Center
On the main Stanford campus

This is why Stanford is called "The Farm". Leland Stanford's original barn, rebuilt in 1984, is still in active use.
Home of the Stanford Equestrian Team.

No trail access since the Dish area was closed to horses.

Direct access to trail route C1-B.

About 100 horses.

Stanford Equestrian Center aerial photo

Rancho Viejo
Off Alpine Road west of I-280

Hard to find, this horse and cattle operation is hidden west of I-280.

Access to trail C1-B via Portola Valley Training Center.

Rancho Viejo aerial photo

Portola Valley Training Center
Off Alpine Road east of I-280

Home of the Portola Valley Classic

Major horse facility. The big circular track is a quarter mile long. Over 100 horses. Home of the only large-animal veterinary hospital in the area.

Direct access to trail route C1-B by crossing Alpine Road.

Portola Valley Training Center aerial photo

Webb Ranch
West of I-280 bet. Sand Hill and Alpine

A working farm and cattle operation, with large horse facilities. Home of the Stanford Polo Team

About 400 horses.

Access to trail C1-B by crossing Alpine Road. Webb also has a sizable internal trail system and limited access to the Woodside trail system.

Webb Ranch aerial photo


Locator map

Stable locator map

Imagery shown is circa 1998. Used with permission of GlobeXplorer.

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